In 2008, Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman introduced Guardian to a new nonprofit, social service organization, Bridge Meadows. Bridge Meadows wanted to create an intentional Intergenerational Community that would provide permanent, adoptive homes for children living in foster care; support for families wanting to adopt them; and a safe, meaningful living environment for seniors who want to offer their help to the foster children and foster families. With the help of Commissioner Saltzman, the group had obtained control over a parcel of land in North Portland that had once been the location of a Portland Public School. Working with Bridge Meadows, Guardian developed a 36-unit housing property with 27 units designated for low income seniors and 9 single-family homes for foster families. Guardian also provides property management services for the Bridge Meadows community. The company is also a Co-General Partner with the Bridge Meadows organization.

With the success of the original Bridge Meadows project, a second one is now being planned in Beaverton, Oregon. The second project will be modeled after the first and contain very similar programming, affordability and target populations. The project received a LIHTC award and additional funding from the City of Beaverton and is currently undergoing Design Review.

Project Statistics:

  • 27 units of low income housing for seniors
  • 9 single-family homes for foster children
  • Community gardens, intergenerational community center to host workshops & events, library and volunteer opportunities.
  • Total development costs: $11,385,190
  • Total development cost per unit: $311,642

Project Partners:

Equity Investor: National Equity Fund

Lender: N/A

Other Funders: Multiple private, charitable contributors

General Contractor: Walsh Construction Company

Architect: Carleton Hart Architecture

Developer: Guardian Development LLC