Fair Housing

Fair Housing is a fundamental component of multifamily property management and one in which we hold in high regard at Guardian Real Estate Services.  Guardian is a proponent of strong Fair Housing policies and practices.  We have worked for years to ensure that all prospective residents and residents receive equal, fair and non-discriminatory treatment during the rental process and during their tenancy.

In the Portland area, a lot of press has been dedicated lately to the subject of illegal discrimination in rental housing.  Recently, Guardian was incorrectly named in a round of tests as being in violation of Fair Housing laws.  In other markets, much is also being discussed about undocumented applicants and new laws are being put into place.  This will also continue to be a hot topic and we take both subjects very seriously.
Guardian Real Estate Services will continue to ensure that we are not only in compliance with the law but are also leading by example. 

Tom Brenneke