Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Guardian Real Estate Services is a leading multifamily management, development, and investment firm. Defined by our deep commitment to the communities in which we invest, Guardian continues to advocate for housing across the entire affordability spectrum.

Guardian is a strong believer in social equity in our workforce and how we manage and market our properties. Every touchpoint with our employees, residents, and community and civic partners has a ripple effect in our community. We take our role in maintaining an equitable impact seriously and strive to ensure that housing is available to all and all are treated equally. Our corporate commitment continues to increase social equity in the local communities that we work in.

Guardian is committed to creating, developing, and fostering a workforce that values and advances social equity. We will endeavor to sustain a corporate culture that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement by recognizing and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique.

 In addition, we are committed to ensuring equity within our property portfolio. In accordance with city, state, and federal Fair Housing laws, we will foster inclusive communities, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, source of income, familial status, marital status, or physical or mental disability.

Guardian takes several proactive steps to foster more inclusive communities; provides access to community assets for all persons protected by Fair Housing laws; and supports residents in overcoming segregated living patterns to end racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty.

At Guardian, our most valuable asset is our diverse workforce. We strive to create a progressive and accepting corporate culture that promotes and celebrates the diverse skillset and opinions of our employees. We continue to pursue and retain the finest human talent in the Pacific Northwest as exemplified by the gifted employees who work at the company.

With a workforce of 360 employees, 27.2% of our employees self-identify as a member of an ethnic minority, and 53% of our workforce is female. This breakdown exceeds the demographics of our headquarters state of Oregon. We embrace diverse backgrounds and recognize the contributing value they bring to corporate culture vibrancy and vision to drive our success.

Our ongoing diversity initiatives include – but are not limited to – recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, professional development, training, promotions, transfers, social and recreational programs.

  • Upon hiring, all Guardian employees are provided a training manual for reference which includes complete information on the laws relating to discrimination.
  • Regular training programs are provided to staff members. The subjects include Reasonable Accommodation, Definition of Assistance Animals and Handicap Accessible Units, Fair Housing: Introduction and History, and Fair Housing: Leasing. Employees who display weakness in these subjects will receive additional training, assistance, and resources.
  • Testing, including mystery shopper reports, will be done at least one time per year to demonstrate compliance with company policies and practices. Employees who display weakness will receive additional training.
  • Periodic resident surveys designed to elicit feedback on our service quality.
  • Annually, all Guardian Management LLC employees complete Fair Housing courses through online training.

Guardian adheres to city, state, and federal Fair Housing laws, barring any discrimination in the rental of property based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, source of income, familial status, marital status, or physical or mental disability. Property rental offers are available on an equal opportunity basis, and all efforts are taken to ensure that tenant screening practices are low barrier. Potential residents are screened based on the property’s Tenant Selection Plan. If a denial is indicated, the application is reviewed by a third party to determine if the denial is appropriate. If a denial is issued, documentation is provided and applicants are offered the opportunity to appeal. Our third-party reviewer will examine the appeal, and, if necessary, we will engage our legal team to evaluate. Our goal is to provide housing, and our process intends to give applicants every opportunity to succeed.

Our outreach includes working closely with community and civic organizations that serve minorities, immigrant families, seniors, people with disabilities, and families with children. For all income and rent-restricted properties, Guardian creates and adheres to an Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan to market the availability of housing opportunities to individuals of both minority and non-minority groups that are least likely to apply for occupancy.

Guardian is committed to a Supplier Diversity Initiative, encouraging businesses with certified diversity status to provide products and services. We aim to provide opportunities for small businesses as well as minority-owned, women-owned, and other historically disadvantaged businesses to supply high-quality, competitively priced goods and services required by Guardian and its clients.

Our supplier diversity goals include:

  • A target D/M/W/ESB/SDV firm utilization rate of 30% or higher.
  • Including minority and women business, and other diverse groups in all contracting opportunities.
  • Ensuring all qualified vendors are given equal access to bid on business.
  • Fostering an inclusive work environment.

All potential Guardian vendors must register through our Vendor Management Program, VendorCafe, and include information on their certified diversity status. For information on registering with VendorCafe, please contact VendorCafe_Support@yardi.com or call 1-888-251-8210 and select option 1.