We at Guardian recognize the invaluable benefit to our local, regional and national economy by enabling every citizen to participate fully in the bounty of our country and are a strong believer in social equity in everything we do. To that end, we have a corporate commitment to increased social equity:

Guardian will endeavor to sustain a corporate culture which promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement by recognizing and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique.

For over 40 years, Guardian has attracted a diverse workforce representative of our home state and local Pacific Northwest roots. We always aim to improve our diverse representation and are fully committed to increasing social equity on an ongoing basis.

With over 400 employees, we are pleased that the diversity of our workforce – with 26.5% of our employees self-identifying as a member of an ethnic minority – is very representative of our headquarters state. We are also proud that over 56% of our workforce is female.  We are mindful that the contributions these senior executives has played an important role in the development of a college preparatory education program that affords primarily minority and lower-income high school students’ access to high quality education and a conduit to post-secondary studies. We are grateful that we have the opportunity – through the corporate internships offered to those students – to assist these young adults in charting productive courses for their lives.

But as pleased and as proud as we are, we know we can improve our achievements and are fully committed to promoting increased social equity.

Guardian will direct its efforts to promoting social equity in two points of emphasis:

  1. Increasing the diversity of our workforce
  2. Increasing the diversity of the suppliers in our supply chain