Alder House To Participate in 2019-2020 Oregon Supportive Housing Institute

OHCS and the Corporation for Supportive Housing are rolling out a new program in 2019 to provide technical assistance and training to 10 groups focused on Permanent Supportive Housing. PSH provides service-enriched affordable housing to help the most vulnerable individuals and families lead more stable lives. Of the 29 applicants, the Alder House cohort was among the 10 selected to participate as they offer permanent affordable housing for the homeless population of Downtown Portland.

The Alder House cohort consists of the ownership group CDP, Guardian, and JOIN, a service provider that helps people in homelessness. This cohort will attend the PSH classes as a group over the next several months to learn how to integrate the new housing units all while undergoing a property rehab. The PSH plan is a national model and best practice for serving individuals living with a serious persistent mental illness and persons experiencing chronic homelessness.

We look forward to the results of not only the rehab but also a successful program rollout at Alder House and throughout Oregon. Click here to see the full list of selected participants.