Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Guardian Real Estate Services is a leading multifamily management, development, and investment firm. Defined by our deep commitment to the communities in which we invest, Guardian continues to advocate for housing across the entire spectrum. Whether it’s Portland’s newest Slabtown neighborhood or spearheading the Burnside Bridgehead District, we continue to be at the forefront of innovative community design.

Given our unique position as a developer, owner, and operator, we have unparalleled insight and control over our investments. This is clearly reflected in the strength and vibrancy of our portfolio. Guardian has sponsored a multitude of prominent multifamily projects including mixed-use, mixed-income, special-needs, government-assisted, senior housing, and adaptive re-use. Currently, the company’s portfolio is comprised of approximately 110 communities in 4 states.

What sets us apart?

  • Vertically Integrated
  • Scalable Operating Efficiencies
  • Experienced Executive and Management Teams
  • Regional Industry Leadership
  • Affordable Housing Expertise
  • Asset Management Expertise

  • Public-Private Partnership Experience
  • Complete Development and Construction Management Services
  • Institutional Investor Accounting and Reporting Systems
  • Supply Chain Diversity
  • Senior Housing Expertise
  • Talent Recruitment & Acquisition