In 2008, Guardian rolled out a company-wide “Green Initiative.” A program that evolved from the company’s nationally recognized No-Smoking Policy Initiative the previous year.

The Guardian Green Initiative is a program developed to promote the well-being of residents and employees by adopting programs designed to use resources efficiently and reduce the impact on the health of the environment. We conduct energy audits at all our properties and look for ways to conserve and save energy and money

 Guardian Green Checklist:

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs
  • Provide recycling service to residents
  • Conduct ongoing resident education on recycling and waste reduction
  • Have recycling boxes available in the mailroom
  • Use only approved green cleaning products
  • Use low VOC paint on turnover
  • Request vendors to use non-gas-operated equipment where possible
  • Install water-saving showerhead devices
  • Program common area lighting to operate on a timer or motion sensor
  • Set pool temperature no higher than 82 degrees; Hot tubs will not be set higher than 102 degrees
  • Vacant apartments thermostats will be set no higher than 65 degrees
  • Promote bicycle usage and public transportation

We grade our vendors on their green practices and encourage managers to use vendors with the highest green rating.
Suggestions or ideas on other GREEN practices? Email the GREEN TEAM at