Fort Branch Leading the Way on Multifamily Recycling Initiatives in Austin, Texas

Fort Branch at Truman’s Landing | Austin, TX

Our team at Fort Branch at Truman’s Landing deserves a big shout out for their leadership in the greater Austin community’s green efforts!

A City of Austin ordinance currently requires ownership to enforce recycling programs at multifamily communities in the city. At Fort Branch, this translated into 16 man hours every morning picking up trash around the community. In search of a solution, Community Manager Kelly Hullender contacted city officials to provide feedback and ask for a better solution.

Her call, the first from a multifamily community manager, prompted the city to perform further research on the effects of the ordinance, and their findings showed similar results at the majority of the city’s multifamily communities. In response, they invited the Fort Branch team to a meeting with representatives from the City of Austin, Keep Austin Beautiful movement, and waste management agencies to brainstorm improvements to the recycling program.

After the reevaluation, Fort Branch has been made a test property for a new initiative focused on resident education at low income communities. Educators will visit the community, organize classes on recycling for children, offer free recycling bins to place inside apartment homes, and help organize volunteers to help clean up trash on weekends. Additionally, the Fort Branch team will have the opportunity to speak to city officials on behalf of the multifamily industry and the impact of the ordinance on their operations.

Thanks, Fort Branch, for going above and beyond in going green!

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