Portland Area Communities Raise the Bar on Green Energy Use!

During our annual Green Awareness Month our Portland-area communities were able to take advantage of an innovative Portland General Electric program focused on increasing use of renewable power.

The Renewable Power Program gives PGE customers the choice of several different renewable energy options to receive their power from. The program keeps Oregon green by decreasing the use of power sources like fossil fuels that pollute the environment and instead utilizing clean sources like low-impact hydro, new wind, and biomass (wood waste). Twelve Guardian communities that are in PGE territory worked with this program during Green Awareness Month to increase participation, with amazing results!

Total Number of Tenants: 1225
Number Enrolled During Green Awareness Month: 168
Number Enrolled Prior to Green Awareness Month: 180
Total Enrolled After Green Awareness Month: 348
Percentage of Residents Enrolled Prior: 15%
Percentage of Residents Enrolled After: 28%

Resident participation almost doubled, and we are so proud of our community managers for their hard work in partnering with PGE to promote green living at their community. Special thanks to our fantastic PGE/Green Mountain Energy partner, Aaron Green. Great work!