Meet Cary Johnson, HR Recruitment Specialist & Jewelry-Maker Extraordinaire

We love employees with hidden talents, which is why we were elated when we caught wind that Cary Johnson, HR Recruitment Specialist, was the most recent cover girl of Portland Community College‘s winter catalogue! Cary spends her work days managing one of the most critical tasks in the Guardian world: making sure that we’re attracting the best talent in the industry and guiding them through the hiring process.

However, by night, Cary is a student of the art of jewelry making at Portland Community College. From beadwork to metal to costume jewelry, Cary creates beautiful designs working with a variety of beads, stones, and metals.

“I’ve actually been creating jewelry since about age 12. When I lived in Missouri I sold quite a bit among my coworkers, but when I moved to Portland with my husband I signed up for classes at PCC and started learning new techniques and how to work with different metals,” says Cary.

“I find it really relaxing. The creative, artistic side of jewelry making is a great outlet for me. However, I’m learning that to begin to sell some of my pieces I’m going to have to spend time on the marketing side, which has become a whole new challenge!”

We’re proud of Cary and her passion for jewelry making. If you’d like to see more pieces or purchase any of Cary’s jewelry, visit her Etsy shop!