Are You Forgetting These 4 Important Fair Housing Tips?

fair housing

Strictly following Fair Housing Law not only limits your personal liability and that of the company you work for, but it also ensures that everyone has equal opportunity to obtain housing that works for their family.

Often Fair Housing can seem like an overwhelming set of rules, but keeping these four tips in mind will help you navigate it with ease:

1. Make sure everyone EVERYONE on staff is trained on Fair Housing at least once annually.
Laws change and new things are learned, so make sure that each member of your staff keeps up-to-date on what’s new in the Fair Housing world. This will ensure that everyone knows expectations and feels confident.

2. Remember the reason for a Reasonable Accommodation: To allow a person with disabilities equal access.
Fair Housing laws were created to make housing accessible for all. Remember that you are there to ensure that all residents, including those with disabilities, experience everything your community has to offer!

3. Follow the procedures instituted at the corporate level.
By utilizing guest cards, entering work orders into your property management software, and carefully documenting the chronological order in which you receive applications, you’ll be able to demonstrate your adherence to Fair Housing law whenever you need to.

4. Don’t forget to ask questions when you’re unsure!
If you’re unsure how Fair Housing requirements apply to a given situation, call your supervisor! They’ll be much happier to spend a few extra minutes working through a question with you than many months spent over legal matters.