The 5 Ways to Make Your Life with Avid Easier

avid billing system
Accounts Payable Specialist Jennifer Kresek has five items that she promises will improve your success with Avid and make it easier for Accounts Payable to assist you:

1. Include the unit number and/or service dates in the description on all utility invoices.
The more information you include, the easier it will be to find! Also, tracking this information will help you make sure you’re not unknowingly paying a resident’s electric bill.

2. Remember to check all past due balances and make notes in the “Log Comment” field.
Keep us in the loop. Checking outstanding balances will alert you to any missing invoices and will help you avoid late fees on your bills.

3. A/P is reviewing all invoices for coding, descriptions, and amounts. Please make sure to communicate in a timely manner if changes need to be made.
Payment could be delayed if you don’t communicate with Accounts Payable! Stay in touch and we can help you out!

4. When searching for invoices, always remember that less is more. You only need to enter the vendor and your property code, unless you know the invoice number.

5. Vendor credits are ok! Please code and approve as you would a normal invoice. Credits on utilities, on the other hand, should be disputed.
Because of the way utilities are billed, allowing a credit could result in overpayment. Additionally, keeping credits associated to an apartment could cause problems if that apartment becomes vacant. The money would have nowhere to go and would then be wasted.