Announcing the Guardian Wellness Initiative

A Message from Tom

Today I want to address an important subject for everyone – your health. Yes, a very personal matter but one that is essential to all of us. In the past years, you have helped our organization grow and flourish through your hard work, dedication and discipline. Guardian is a healthy company today as a result of these efforts.

While there are many components of a strong company, we recognize that the overall health of our employee base is a critical one. It’s widely known that healthy people experience greater job satisfaction, higher self-esteem, and have more energy. I have personally championed health and fitness for many years. I believe in the basics: eating right, exercise and work-life balance. Nothing new here – these are essential ingredients of a healthy person. We all know it; wish we could be better at it and are constantly challenged to make it happen. Me included.

The future success of our organization is highly correlated to the individual success of our team members. Just as we offer training and support on how to do the job, it is my goal to offer a similar level of support to improve the health of the individual. I want to see a culture shift here at Guardian that emphasizes a holistic approach to success. A shift that includes ongoing education and the necessary support to make certain that our employees are healthy. I’m making the commitment to improve this aspect of our organization and ask that you join me in this initiative.   

In the coming weeks, you will receive communications about our new Wellness Campaign. This new initiative will be a multi-year focus on helping our employees to take charge of their health. We have a dedicated committee of staff at all levels that is working hard to bring this campaign to life with activities that are encouraging, focused on individual wellness, and most of all, fun. We are also assembling a team of Champions to encourage, help plan activities, and carry the banner of this initiative. I encourage you to join me by participating in these activities and embracing this very important aspect of our business.

Very truly yours,

Thomas B. Brenneke



The Guardian team is thrilled to begin this initiative focused on our most important asset: our employees. To get things rolling, we’re participating in the Walk America Challenge, dividing into teams and recording our steps each week to see who can walk the length of New York to San Francisco first!

We’re also aiming to raise awareness of personal wellness by asking employees to submit a #HealthySelfie. These photos show off our team’s favorite healthy habits and wellness goals in an effort to inspire others and get everyone thinking about the small things we can all do to be healthier.