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Fairhaven Gardens

Fairhaven Gardens Annual Clean-up

Once again, Guardian teamed up with Kaiser Permanente for our annual community gardens clean-up at Fairhaven Gardens. The day is spent cleaning up the community garden and getting it ready for the upcoming planting season.

Fairhaven Gardens community garden is an expansive area of plots that community members and neighbors can use to plant food. In addition, there are several planter boxes for Fairhaven Gardens residents only. The remaining property landscaping is primarily edible, with berries and fruit-bearing trees throughout the community, in addition to native plants that attract pollinators for the garden.

Our partners in the clean-up included:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Community Development Partners
  • Cornerstone Community Housing
  • Enlace
  • Forgiveness and Cross-Cultural Peace Garden
  • Guardian's Fairhaven Gardens Team

Thank you to everyone involved!

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