Guardian owns a robust portfolio of projects acquired and developed with a variety of financing structures ranging from highly complex involving public funding to traditional. We source suitable properties for upgrade and repositioning; yielding solid, predictable returns for our investors. Long-term thinking is critical to our success and to the success of our investors. In every decision we make, we consider the longevity and sustainability of our developments and investments, offering both institutional and private investors an opportunity to realize the strongest returns available in the market while being responsible stewards of community reinvestments and improvements.

Investment Criteria

Guardian’s criteria for investments undergo constant revisions as markets evolve. Each benchmark is adjusted according to demographic shifts in the market, population growth, employment cycles, housing needs, and barriers to entry, proximity to retail, transportation networks, and market economics.

Currently, Guardian is focused on acquiring Pacific Northwest value-add multifamily opportunities in properties that are impaired or undervalued due to temporary market conditions, weak ownership, and management or leasing issues. Asset value range of $20M – $100M with a target size in the mid-market $30M – $75M range. The company also pursues most forms of government-assisted and/or regulated multifamily projects with minimum values of $5M. These include not only traditional fee-simple purchases but also General Partner or Limited Partner interests.

Physical Characteristics

Investing in Class B multifamily properties in Class A locations exhibiting best-in-class qualities for renovation and repositioning in their markets. Also, government-assisted projects in rural areas or smaller market projects.

Operating Capacity

Emphasis on aggressive expense management, competitive rents, and additional income sources. Strategic long-term asset management and intelligent capital investments ensure outstanding client results.


Financing properties with a blend of debt and equity appropriate to the asset type and risk. The level of leverage used is determined by the purpose of the project, with significant value add by restructuring ineffective capital stacks with accretive financing.

Market Information

Guardian has a strong history in the Pacific Northwest. Preference is given to first or second-tier cities in the West.


Guardian has proven experience in development feasibility, land use approvals, capital structuring, and operational efficiency and improvement. Guardian’s advisory services benefit institutional equity and debt providers, syndicators, property management companies, public agencies, developers, and owners.


  • Distressed Assets
  • Asset Repositioning
  • Property Management
  • Investment Capital Sourcing
  • Replacement General Partner