Guardian Management supports more balanced, forward-looking housing and policies that acknowledge the importance of affordable housing and the role this sector plays in promoting vibrant communities. We believe that affordable housing is an essential platform that promotes positive outcomes in education, employment, and physical and mental health and are committed to managing safe, healthy and attainable housing in the Pacific Northwest.

Guardian Management’s affordable platform is able to achieve this through thoughtfully leveraged real estate and an operations team with unparalleled experience in managing the complex nature of subsidized housing. Due to these complexities and the regulations inherent in this line of business, we have developed a platform specifically catering to managing these assets. With teams in-house dedicated strictly to compliance, preventive maintenance and fair housing, Guardian is able to provide an all-inclusive suite of property management services assuring that we are delivering exceptional experiences to our residents and appropriately serving the communities in which we are investing.

Guardian has experience in all state and federal government housing programs. Our team is skilled in the intricacies of all affordable housing programs and understands that properties operating under a regulatory agreement have special needs. Guardian’s Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring properties meet all expectations required by the regulatory agreement.

Portfolio Statistics

  • LIHTC, HUD, Rural Development and Bond Financed Properties
  • 96 current properties under management with some level of affordability
  • 6,036 affordable units

Our Clients

  • Housing Authorities

    • Housing Authority of Portland
    • Housing Works (formerly Central Oregon Regional Housing Authority)
    • Northwest Oregon Housing Authority
  • Non-Profits

    •  Northwest Housing Alternatives
    • Transition Projects Inc.
    • Affordable Community Environments (ACE)
    • Portland Preservation Trust
    • Bridge Meadows
    • Miracles Club
    • Central City Concern
    • DePaul Treatment Centers
Our Work